Its been a while…

I cannot believe my last blog post was in February! Where has the time gone? I keep meaning to write more, but something or the other always seems to come up. I took a long vacation back home to Dubai to see my family and friends and once I got back to the US, I got a full time job that keeps me pretty occupied. Hence the lack of attention to my blog over here.

Dubai as always, was a great vacation where I got to spend a lot of time visiting my family and friends.

There is nothing better than relaxing by the pool after a 14 hour flight…


I love this city!


So Laudree happened…


And so did this…




I might have a bag obsession at River Island…


and a shoe one too at Jimmy Choo…



Dubai mall!


Its not a night out without bathroom selfies 😉

IMG_1342At the Ritz Carlton…


Emirates Towers for lunch with the parents…



IMG_1427 IMG_1505



Over all, I had the most amazing time in Dubai and it was sad to leave a place I called home. I spent a lot of time with my family and friends and can’t wait for my next trip.


The Bahamas!!!


Since the husband got back, we decided to take a nice vacation down to the Caribbean which was long overdue. Both of us had never been to this part of the world and needed a beach getaway from the US. Needless to say, our week-long stay at the Atlantis in the Bahamas was pure bliss and clearly not long enough. It was definitely my kind of paradise.

baha bahamas

IMG_3019 ???????????????????????????????

London calling!

Ever since I was a little girl, London was one of those places I dreamed to go to all the time! From the shopping to the food to the multi-cultural environment, it was a place I wanted to be in. I love to travel and experience other places, and getting to go here was truly an experience I shall never forget. It was a last-minute trip to meet up with my mom, and since I did have some free time in the US, I hopped on a plane to the land of Prince Harry 😀

As expected, London was even more than what I hoped it to be. It exceeded my expectations, and impressed me so much that I am trying to convince the husband to relocate lol (wish me luck)! But yes, I cannot stress enough how beautiful the architecture was. The buildings have an old vintage charm that really make the city what it is that people love about the place.

PicMonkey Collage

And not to forget the famous sites!

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

I sadly did not see Prince Harry lol!  A girl can dream right 😉

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I did not leave London without trying their famous cupcakes! Lola’s cupcakes and Hummingbird– definitely a must try!