Estee Lauder Coral lipsticks!

Searching for that coral lipstick for the summer? Well look no further! Estee Lauder has the perfect coral shades this season in 59 Portofino Coral and 60 Sunset Coral. I wasn’t a fan of coral shades till I actually tried them. This will definitely go with your summer look whether its to go out for lunch, or out to a bar. They also suit all types of skin tones depending on how vibrant you want your lipstick to look. Top it off with some lip gloss and your good to go!



Let’s get some Shoes!

For most of you that don’t know me, I LOVE my stilettos. The higher the heel, the better! There’s just something about high heels that dress up an outfit and make you stand out more. Yesterday, my husband took me out to the mall to run some errands, and I passed by this store called Charlotte Russe (I’ve never heard of it before) and I had initially gone in just to see what stuff they had and perhaps find a top for a dinner I have to go to this Friday, but…I found these instead!

(Ooops! I still have the label on)

I usually don’t wear colorful shoes. I’m boring like that and always stick to black and beige/nude colors just because they go with every outfit. But it is summer, and I really needed something bright in my wardrobe, so I got these 2 pairs of shoes and it was on sale, so huge plus! I highly recommend wearing something like these this season as it gives you more of an edge to your summer look.  It can really dress up a simple outfit or can even be paired up with a little black dress.

The shoe collection at Charlotte Russe was really nice! They had a wide variety of shoes (Pumps, wedges, flats, boots) in so many different colors and all for a reasonable price! I spent a good 40 minutes in the store trying on all the shoes, while my poor husband just sat down with a bored look on his face lol.