So it’s been a while…but my soldier is finally home!

Hello to all of you that know me and if you just happened to stumble across my little blog here, then Welcome 🙂 It has been a good couple of months since my last post and I blame my procrastination for it 😉 and moving back to the US and some travelling here and there.

Well the good news about moving back to the US is that my husband is finally home from his very long deployment in the Middle East. It really felt like forever, and I am so thankful that he’s back home safe. The deployment ceremony was short and sweet and since it was my first one, it was definitely exciting. “Families, greet your soldiers!” were the last words said by a Colonel addressing the soldiers and their families, in which everyone ran to find theirs. Let me tell you, it’s one of the best feelings in the world and truly something I shall never forget. I am definitely one happy wife.

Waiting for them to arrive!


I’m loving the sign this little girl is holding!




Found my soldier 🙂




My trip to Kuwait! From one desert to another!


So this is actually my second trip to Kuwait to see the husband while he’s on his deployment and let me tell you, Kuwait is one hot and humid place (110 F with humidity) And I thought Dubai was crazy hot! You have not experienced true heat till you land in Kuwait! The good part about being there was that everyone spoke English (great for tourists) and people are quite helpful especially when you get lost.

However, one of the things that really threw me off were the taxis. They don’t run per meter, so you have to bargain with the driver about the price of the taxi and if you don’t do it right, the price you pay can go up real high. Moreover, Kuwait city itself is expensive! I was actually excited to do some shopping which got shot down way to easy as the conversion from US Dollars or even Dirhams was ridiculous. I cringed at the exchange place where I had to hand in my Dollars for Dinars.

Anyway, I’m actually quite lucky that I do reside in Dubai for the time being and that I can hop on the next plane to go see the hubby when he’s there and free to go out and about. Honestly, we didn’t do much, as there isn’t a lot to see in Kuwait, but the feeling of seeing my husband and knowing that he’s doing great and that he’s safe, made me feel a lot better and has made this deployment much easier to get through.  We only got a day to hang out, but on a deployment, you learn to take what you can get. Every minute counts and to me, that’s more than enough 🙂

The view from the hotel!


Apparently the hotel thinks I’m a dude and clearly forgot my first name as well lol


The nice parts of Kuwait

???????????????????????????????Soldier boy 😛


I really need to get myself a boat lol




Saying goodbye- An Army deployment!

Being here to experience this was an emotional time for me as it’s my husband’s first deployment. Honestly, I’m terrible with goodbyes because I can never seem to hold it together as I find it too sad to be parted with a loved one. I did long distance for 3 and a half years before I moved to the US, but no goodbye has ever felt as depressing as this.

Today, 290 soldiers left to go all over the Middle East for approximately 9-10 months and I cannot imagine what they must be feeling or what must be running through their minds. I’m sure it must be a nervous time for all of them.

Hoping and praying for their safe return home!

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The last picture I got to take with him ❤