Sleek makeup!


This is my first time buying Sleek make-up and I must say that I absolutely love it. It’s not only affordable, but they have a variety of products and colors to choose from and more importantly, they deliver on time.

Since this was my first purchase, I just got a blush and eye shadow palette. I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not, so I played it safe with what I knew.

Besides, how cute is this packaging?


Blush by 3 “Sweet cheeks” is part of their Candy collection (limited edition) in which there are 3 blushes: Cupcake (Cream blush), Dolly mix and Candy floss (Both powdered blushes).

PicMonkey Collage I also got some dark eye shadows for a smokey eye look. This palette is part of their i-Divine collection and is called “Bad Girl“. PicMonkey Collage1The name of the shadows were quite unique as well. Ex: innocence, gullible, blade, gun-metal, obnoxious, envy, intoxicated, rebel…aka Bad Girl 😛


Cherry on!

Now that its winter (or whatever you want to call the weather here in Georgia) I’m so glad I can finally wear dark shades of lipstick and nail polish and not look out-of-place. Cherry colors are probably my favourite to wear this season as my skin is a bit on the dark side, so I usually go for more berry tones.

Lipstick from Maybelline in 420 Deepest Cherry (It’s not as dark as it looks)

Revlon nail polish in 730 Valentine

Absolutely in love with these deep colors.