Bombay Shopping!

I recently made a trip to Bombay or Mumbai as it’s now called, in India to visit some of my extended family who I have not seen since I got married, so it was about time!

I didn’t do as much shopping as I wanted to, but enough to keep me satisfied. I bought a Salwar Kameez (A traditional Indian dress and pants), a Kurta (An Indian cotton top), a sari, 3 pairs of flats and some jewellery all from the stalls on the street and all under $100! How come? I got to bargain like crazy which was a lot of fun to do, and I got to use my broken Hindi which needs some serious improvement. Time to get out the Bollywood movies lol






A traditional Indian outfit


I love the detail and work on this!



Forever 21 accessories!

Ahhh Forever 21! My favourite go-to retail therapy store. Everytime I go in, I always know I’m going to find something I like and at a decent price. Well this time, I went purely for some accessories. I ended up getting 2 hair bands, a pair of earrings, a necklace, and some black sunglasses. All below $22! Say what? Yup yup! This is why I like going in there. I come out knowing that I didn’t blow a hole in my pocket lol.

Anyway, I’m loving the vintage beige/pink look right now. Moreover because it’s easy to match them with different outfits at different times in the year.

I also picked up a turquoise -blue collar necklace which I’ve been looking around for a while. I kept seeing it around on pinterest but hadn’t really found a store that carried a one that I liked till now. I absolutely love this color.