London calling!

Ever since I was a little girl, London was one of those places I dreamed to go to all the time! From the shopping to the food to the multi-cultural environment, it was a place I wanted to be in. I love to travel and experience other places, and getting to go here was truly an experience I shall never forget. It was a last-minute trip to meet up with my mom, and since I did have some free time in the US, I hopped on a plane to the land of Prince Harry šŸ˜€

As expected, London was even more than what I hoped itĀ to be. It exceeded my expectations, and impressedĀ me so much that I am trying to convinceĀ the husband to relocate lol (wish me luck)! But yes, I cannot stress enough how beautiful the architecture was. The buildings haveĀ an old vintage charm that really make the city what it is that people love about the place.

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And not to forget the famous sites!

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I sadly did not see Prince Harry lol! Ā A girl can dream right šŸ˜‰

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I did not leave London without trying their famous cupcakes! Lola’s cupcakes and Hummingbird– definitely a must try!



Afternoon tea!

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Last weekend I got to experience “afternoon tea” at the Raffles Hotel here in Dubai after much persistence from all my friends to check it out. So after much hype, I grabbed a friend of mine and decided to go see for myself.

So they serve you a tea of your choice along with little sandwiches, scones and assorted desserts. Quite fancy, I must say! We ordered one between 2 people as I’m not a big eater and neither was my friend, so it was more than enough for the 2 of us.

The Raffles Hotel, Dubai, UAE



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Butter in a tube! Thought it was the coolest thing ever šŸ˜›


Strawberry chocolate shoe! They know me too well!

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Magnolia’s vanilla cupcakes with chocolate chips!

I bought a whole packet of milk chocolate chips the other day from the grocery,Ā  as I wanted to try my hand at making chocolate chip cookies instead of buying the ready-made Pillsbury cookie dough. The husband and I eat that cookie dough like no tomorrow before it’s even reached the oven. Anyway, so my cookie making from scratch was a disaster! Didn’t turn out so good that even my husband did not want to eat it.

I then decided to make cupcakes instead as I know how to do that and have had many failed attempts at baking, that I know I cannot screw this one up lol. I did not have brown sugar which most chocolate chip cupcakes require, so I made these vanilla cupcakes and added as many chocolate chips as I wanted to the batter. They came out pretty good,Ā which made me quite happy.Ā I ate about 4 andĀ had to make the husband take it to work today, or else I’m gonna eat them all, and that obviously has bad consequences which means me packing on the pounds! Never a good thing lol.

Recipe from Magnolia’s Vanilla Cupcake