Bombay Shopping!

I recently made a trip to Bombay or Mumbai as it’s now called, in India to visit some of my extended family who I have not seen since I got married, so it was about time!

I didn’t do as much shopping as I wanted to, but enough to keep me satisfied. I bought a Salwar Kameez (A traditional Indian dress and pants), a Kurta (An Indian cotton top), a sari, 3 pairs of flats and some jewellery all from the stalls on the street and all under $100! How come? I got to bargain like crazy which was a lot of fun to do, and I got to use my broken Hindi which needs some serious improvement. Time to get out the Bollywood movies lol






A traditional Indian outfit


I love the detail and work on this!



Forever 21 accessories!

Ahhh Forever 21! My favourite go-to retail therapy store. Everytime I go in, I always know I’m going to find something I like and at a decent price. Well this time, I went purely for some accessories. I ended up getting 2 hair bands, a pair of earrings, a necklace, and some black sunglasses. All below $22! Say what? Yup yup! This is why I like going in there. I come out knowing that I didn’t blow a hole in my pocket lol.

Anyway, I’m loving the vintage beige/pink look right now. Moreover because it’s easy to match them with different outfits at different times in the year.

I also picked up a turquoise -blue collar necklace which I’ve been looking around for a while. I kept seeing it around on pinterest but hadn’t really found a store that carried a one that I liked till now. I absolutely love this color.

Frey Wille!

I don’t know if a lot of people in the US have heard of Frey Wille but back home in Dubai, UAE, they are quite popular and seem to be located in every mall. It’s an Austrian brand with hand decorated designs on 18k and 22k gold based on artwork from the 19 to 20th century. They sell many colorful jewellery such as chains, bracelets, earrings, watches, handbags and scarves. I do know they have stores in Beverly Hills, California and Madison Ave, New York City. It is a store worth checking out if your ever in the area or abroad.

Personally, I think its one of the most beautiful and unique piece of jewellery I have seen in a while. It’s simple, yet classy and looks great with an elegant black dress. I actually had my eye on Frey Wille jewellery for a couple of years and actually got it as a wedding present from an aunt of mine. Needless to say, I was thrilled as I love it!

I’m hoping to get a matching bracelet or watch sometime this year. They are expensive, so it might be a while.