Life via the camera!

I know it’s been a while since my last blog post but things have been crazy at my end with ice storms, snow and get this, we had an earthquake! In the span of a week! Yes it’s been crazy in Georgia and the whole town shut down due to it. Very depressing for me as I do not like to stay in lol. Anyway, I thought I’d share some pictures from the past week!

Love these sunsets on base 🙂

photo 1

Striped pointed toe heels from Forever 21. Absolutely in love with them

photo 3

My Valentine’s Day pressie from the hubby! My first Betsey Johnson heels in a black peep toe pump with ankle straps.  Can’t wait to wear these out 🙂


My Ipsy subscription package finally arrived! It was almost lost in the mail as it took forever to get delivered but it finally made it to my house. Love the stuff that this website sends me. Even the cover they send it in is pink 😀

photo 4

The backyard view of a gloomy day here. This weather is all sorts of confused. It cannot seem to make up its mind on what season it is.


All dressed up for an army event with the hubs 🙂



Snow in Georgia!

Never I thought I’d see the day where it snowed in Georgia. When I moved here, everyone told me it never snows or if it does, its once in 5ish years or so. It’s the south and the winter here just means it’s going to get really cold. No snow, and very little rain. So you can imagine my surprise, when it did snow. It was pretty light but being in a small town, everything shut down including the military base we live on lol which was nice since the husband got to stay home from work and who can complain about that.

This is our backyard view overlooking the woods.


Snow on our street 🙂


Hope you all are having a great week 🙂