Catching up on some beauty reading!


Lately, I have been catching up on my beauty books as I have all the time in the world now. No bajillion eggs to cook for the hubby now that he’s on a deployment.  I love reading these books because they always have the best advice. I know there are tones of magazines that show you how to do different types of make up looks or how to shop to make a statement when wearing an outfit. However, the fashion world is always changing, and what may be in style now, may not be in a couple of years. Books usually have the basics in them, or styles and make up tutorials that are always a go-to no matter what era you are in.

I got my Victoria Beckham book about 5 years ago and I still look through it to get some ideas for an outfit or how to pull a look together. My husband just got me the Lauren Conrad books before he left, and I love it. It’s not as pictorial as the Victoria Beckham one, but I’m loving her Style book. The clothes she writes about are definitely more affordable which I love. It makes her seem more down to earth cause not everyone can afford Prada or Gucci or whatever designer is in these days lol. As for Cosmo? Goes without saying. A must have!

IMG_0903 IMG_0904