Dining room inspiration!

560168ba2a66d28b34b47ed75ac4999cBeing in the Army and always having to move around does become tedious to drag your furniture from one place to another, especially if your like me who has a shopping addiction and would buy anything  I like. That’s why the husband and I have waited on furnishing our dining room cause we weren’t sure if we were going to move again, but now that empty room looks way too dull, so its about time we put something in it.

I’ve been on Pinterest for ages and pinned a lot of pictures for inspiration on how to do up the dining room.

I’m loving this gorgeous chandelier. I realized that they don’t have to be expensive as a lot of household stores do some real nice ones for a lot less.


Adding a pop of color such as flowers in a bright shade really bring the room to life.


I definitely want a full length mirror leaning against the wall rather than going through the hassle of hanging it up. A large mirror in a small room does give the illusion of depth to it and makes the space feel lighter and brighter.



I think from the pictures you can tell I’m leaning towards a black table with white/beige upholstered chairs. I like to keep furniture neutral that way it’s always easy to add any color through accents such as flowers, table linens, and dinnerware.


Long time no see…

Hello everyone!

I’m finally back after my 2 month absence on my blog and I do apologize. It has been a hectic 2 months with trying to sort out my immigration paper work which finally came through (YAY) and trying to get all packed up as I recently moved back to Dubai, UAE (my hometown) to visit my family for a couple of months while the husband is deployed. Time is not going fast enough for him to come home! On the plus side, we are on the same time zone, so it’s become a lot easier for us to communicate more often.

Being back in Dubai feels surreal. It’s been about 9 months since I’ve been back and it sure feels great to call this place home. I can’t wait to explore more of what Dubai has to offer. It’s definitely going to be an exciting couple of months.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE

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View from the top!

p top


DIY mason jar lace decor!



I had a whole bunch of little candles lying round the house and so I thought why not put them in mason jars to make them look like cute votive candles. But then I thought to myself “that’s not enough.” They definitely needed something more on them to look pretty, which was when I decided to add some lace and ribbon around them, just to give them something more to look at.

This is really simple to do at home and cheap as well. Half the stuff were things I had in my house. I only made a run to Hobby Lobby for some lace trims. All you need are:

  • Candles
  • Mason jars
  • Lace fabric or trims
  • Ribbon
  • scissors

IMG_1055 IMG_1056

  1.  Measure out the lace around the jar and cut it, just leaving a little fabric to go over.
  2. Measure out the ribbon around the jar as well, making sure it’s long enough to tie a bow
  3. Wrap the lace around the jar and secure it with the ribbon making a knot and then a bow. (Don’t worry if the lace is loose, you can always tighten it once the ribbon is tied. Or you can always secure it with a pin)
  4. Add a candle into the jar and light it. As simple as that 🙂