Forever 21 accessories!

Ahhh Forever 21! My favourite go-to retail therapy store. Everytime I go in, I always know I’m going to find something I like and at a decent price. Well this time, I went purely for some accessories. I ended up getting 2 hair bands, a pair of earrings, a necklace, and some black sunglasses. All below $22! Say what? Yup yup! This is why I like going in there. I come out knowing that I didn’t blow a hole in my pocket lol.

Anyway, I’m loving the vintage beige/pink look right now. Moreover because it’s easy to match them with different outfits at different times in the year.

I also picked up a turquoise -blue collar necklace which I’ve been looking around for a while. I kept seeing it around on pinterest but hadn’t really found a store that carried a one that I liked till now. I absolutely love this color.


Outfit of the day- Couple edition!


Since fall is here, I thought it would be nice to do a fall outfit of the day with the hubby. Now that the weather is more confused than usual (cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon, and then cold in the evening again) it’s always best to layer up.

Husband’s look:

  • Ralph Lauren suit jacket
  • H&M white shirt
  • American Eagle jeans
  • DKNY shoes

My look:

  • Pimkie leather jacket
  • Calvin Klein white shirt
  • Forever 21 skinny grey jeans
  • Forever 21 Thigh high boots
  • Aldo clutch

The one thing I love about Georgia is that they have a perfect fall season. Its chilly but not freezing cold that you have to bundle up! Nor does it rain as much which I find odd as it rained more in the summer than it does now. Anyway, it works for me as I’m able to wear all my boots and jackets which I hardly wore back home in Dubai due to the hot and humid weather.

All glamed up!

If there is one thing I love to do, it has to be dressing up! I love getting ready, I love doing my make-up and I absolutely LOVE wearing the highest pair of heels I own. (I’m short, so I need that extra inch)

My sisters and I recently attended a party in Dubai,  UAE and had to get all dressed up for it. I love getting ready with them as there is always so much chaos when we do. The typical scenario would be make-up, clothes, jewellery and shoes all over the room like a tornado hit it, which I would say is considered normal! Not thought the same however by husband, father, or any male figure!

The 3 of us kept our make-up quite similar even though our outfits were different in color. For the eyes we just went with a sparkly white eyeshadow, and defined it further with black liquid liner. We also put on some pink blush to add color to our cheeks and finished off with a bright pink lipstick followed by a pink lip gloss.

Glynis (above) is wearing a one shoulder New Look dress, Forever 21 shoes, bangles and earrings.

Saher is wearing an evening dress from a Arabic bridal store in Sharjah, UAE.

I am wearing a one shoulder Jane Norman dress, and Forever 21 heels and earrings.

Location: The Greens, Dubai, UAE