Charlotte Russe haul!


So I am seriously obsessed with this store. I’m not into their clothes, but I LOVE their shoes and accessories. I can spend hours at a time trying on every pair of heels and actually buy something as they have great prices, especially when on sale. Now is the perfect time as it’s sale season so I decided to purchase two pairs of shoes for $15 each 😀 There’s nothing like retail therapy to make you feel better! And if you are military, you also get 10% off.

Beige heels with studs on them. They have the same shoe in black as well!



I cannot wait to wear these as it’s got glitter on it. I feel ridiculous typing that. but fact is I love all the things that sparkle, including shoes lol. What I like about these are that it’s not on the full shoe, just on front, so when you go out, it’s not completely over the top, but enough to make you looked dressed up.

IMG_0922IMG_0923IMG_0926 IMG_0925



Shoes? Yes please!!

My hubby and I went to the mall on Monday to get some dinner and buy me a pair of boots since I don’t have any and more over, to get off base since we had been cooped up at home all weekend. Anyway I didn’t want to spend a lot on boots especially cause we live in Georgia so it doesn’t really get that cold and I’m travelling to Dubai when the hubby is deployed so it’s not like I’m going to use them a lot, but we are going to Seattle next week so I needed something to get me through. That was the intention!  Well it didn’t work out too well because I came home with not 1 but 3 pairs of shoes- no boots!

In my defense they were $7 each from Charlotte Russe which is amazing cause these shoes were about $35 when I saw them back in July. How could I have resisted?

And what’s great? Last couple of pairs in Size 7! YES PLEASE!!!!

That extra half an inch!

I am a sucker for shoes! Pumps in particular. I love “the higher the heel, the better” concept. If I could, I would buy them in every color possible. However, my budget doesn’t allow this. I definitely need my immigration papers to get approved so I can start working, and perhaps, learn to drive. I need to get on that as being home a lot is not fun!

Last week was “No tax weekend” in Georgia which was great. My husband took me out to the mall to shop, and for once I have finally seen The Augusta Mall packed. I had come to a conclusion that there were no people in Augusta as everywhere I seem to go, there’s no one. Bars=dead, except the Country Club ,which is a line dancing club and then at midnight they play hip hop music! It is a sight to see indeed! Anyway, back to my shopping during no taxes. I’ve always been used to not paying taxes back home in the UAE, so moving here and adjusting to paying a bit extra on things I buy seems strange. So you can imagine my delight that I got to buy things, tax-free!

I got to purchase 2 five and half-inch pumps from Charlotte Russe in turquoise and coral/peach that I had my eye on for a while. I love these shoes as they have a very summer look to them and can add a pop of color to a plain outfit. They were a bit pricey for me, and I was hoping they would be on sale as well, but they fit so well and had a “buy one, get the other half off” deal. I couldn’t resist!

Also, Happy Indian Independence Day! I am originally from India, and I couldn’t be more proud of my country and celebrate 65 years of independence today! I’m pretty excited as the hubby is taking me out for traditional Indian food tonight as it also happens to be 2 months since the day I got married 🙂