Southern sweet tea!

When the husband and I first came to the South, we asked for iced tea at a restaurant and me being such a FOB didn’t know there was a difference between regular iced tea and sweet tea, so you can imagine my surprise when the tea I got was extremely loaded with sugar. Not that it’s a bad thing cause I had 2 full glasses of it 😀 Needless to say I was on a sugar high!


Anyway I thought I would make it today since I’ve been craving it for a while now. I’ve made my own adjustments to it, but honestly it all depends on how you like your tea. I know some people like to put lemon or/and mint in it as well, so you can always add it in. It’s just one of those things that are so easy to make you can always play around with it according to your taste 🙂


Things you need:

  • Water (2 cups for boiling, and 4-5 cups cold water)
  • 6 regular Lipton tea bags
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 1 lemon
  • Pot
  • Glass jar/jug
  1. Fill the pot with 2 cups water and bring to boil
  2. Add sugar and stir and then add the tea bags.
  3. Turn the gas off and cover the pot and let the tea bags sit for about 15-20 minutes
  4. Pour it into a jug and add cold water to fill it
  5. Refrigerate and serve chilled

*I always make it in the night so come morning, it’s nice and cold.

Hope you all had a great weekend 🙂  xx