Saying goodbye- An Army deployment!

Being here to experience this was an emotional time for me as it’s my husband’s first deployment. Honestly, I’m terrible with goodbyes because I can never seem to hold it together as I find it too sad to be parted with a loved one. I did long distance for 3 and a half years before I moved to the US, but no goodbye has ever felt as depressing as this.

Today, 290 soldiers left to go all over the Middle East for approximately 9-10 months and I cannot imagine what they must be feeling or what must be running through their minds. I’m sure it must be a nervous time for all of them.

Hoping and praying for their safe return home!

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The last picture I got to take with him ❤



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  1. nice post! Deployments aren’t easy and managing to keep busy is rough. Stay strong and if you have time, check my blog for some deployment help…there’s some humor in there too to help ya smile!

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