In my red high heels!


I know I am completely obsessed with this color, but it’s just so darn pretty! I can’t help myself!

While shopping for heels, I wanted them to be a deep red, not fire engine red, and they had to be peep toe pumps, not strappy sandals, and have a shiny finish to it, unlike suede material. Yes I am extremely picky lol, but if I’m going to invest in something, it has to be perfect right?


I actually found these pair of heels at Aldo during Black Friday and got an additional 50% off on these. Needless to say I was beyond thrilled. I think owning a pair of red heels is a must apart from black and beige shoes. It makes a real bold statement, and honestly, it’s quite a striking color for any occasion.



3 thoughts on “In my red high heels!

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  2. Hello!
    Can you tell me, is it genuine leather material of these shoes? Thank you for the answer.

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