Hello Seattle!

I can’t believe I’m back here already! It’s been 5 months since I left Washington but it all seems so fresh in my head that I was just here a while ago to get married. I’m back here for the holidays to celebrate my first Thanksgiving in the US with my husband and my new extended family. I am also am a bit nervous for my first Black Friday experience as I’ve heard the horror stories lol!

 Although it has been raining a lot since I got here, I’m loving the chilly weather, the shopping, the restaurants, and of course, the coffee. I’m hoping someday, my husband gets stationed in Fort Lewis so we won’t have far to travel to come into the city. Till then, I shall soak up all that Seattle has to offer!

Pike Place Market

I love the sign on these avocados!

The very first Starbucks store!

The infamous gum wall!

Interesting huh?

The Space Needle!


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