Bare Minerals eye shadow!

I have never bought anything nor have I been to a Bare Minerals store till a friend and I were shopping, and she wanted to stop by to get some foundation and concealer. For some odd reason, I keep calling this brand Bare Essentials, like it’s some kind of lingerie store:P I’m hoping it’s a brand back home, hence the confusion lol.  

I wasn’t too impressed with their foundation as I am extremely picky so while browsing the store, I came across some gorgeous eye shadows in every color possible. I was in heaven testing out all the colors and came out all sparkly with different shades of color on the back of my hand. Since they were a bit pricy, I decided to buy two colors that I know I would use a lot. I figured that if I was going to pay a higher price for something, I might is well purchase something I’m going to use often rather than have it sit in my make up draw untouched. I went with a dark navy blue color and a shimmery bronzy-beige color; two colors I know I’m going to use quite a bit, especially for a smokey eye look which I usually wear on a night out clubbing.  

Since they are a powdery eyeshadow, I suggest dusting off your brush before applying so you don’t get it all over your face or under your eyes, especially with a dark color. You definitely don’t want all that fall out.