Thai chicken curry!

This is one of my favourite dishes to eat. Back home, my family and I would go at least once a month to eat at this Thai restaurant called Lemon grass. They had the best curries, spring rolls, and exotic fruit drinks. One of the many reasons on why I miss home so much.

Now that I’m here in Augusta, Georgia, finding a restaurant that compares has been impossible. I’m still on the look out, but until then, I shall make it! This recipe is pretty simple and the ingredients are not at all hard to find as I got them all at the commissary.  I did however adjust it by using thai red curry paste instead of green and then added 3 tsp of chili powder to make it spicy. (I’m building up my husband’s spice tolerance lol)

Serve it with boiled white rice and your good to go! (1 cup rice, 4 cups water and boil. Don’t close the lid. Some people also do 1 cup rice, 2 cups water.)

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