Magnolia’s vanilla cupcakes with chocolate chips!

I bought a whole packet of milk chocolate chips the other day from the grocery,  as I wanted to try my hand at making chocolate chip cookies instead of buying the ready-made Pillsbury cookie dough. The husband and I eat that cookie dough like no tomorrow before it’s even reached the oven. Anyway, so my cookie making from scratch was a disaster! Didn’t turn out so good that even my husband did not want to eat it.

I then decided to make cupcakes instead as I know how to do that and have had many failed attempts at baking, that I know I cannot screw this one up lol. I did not have brown sugar which most chocolate chip cupcakes require, so I made these vanilla cupcakes and added as many chocolate chips as I wanted to the batter. They came out pretty good, which made me quite happy. I ate about 4 and had to make the husband take it to work today, or else I’m gonna eat them all, and that obviously has bad consequences which means me packing on the pounds! Never a good thing lol.

Recipe from Magnolia’s Vanilla Cupcake


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