The good ole West Point days!

A lot of people ask me how my husband and I did the whole long distance relationship while he was at West Point,New York and me in Dubai, UAE (Yes, our relationship was REAL long distance, 8 hours time difference and living in 2 different continents) and I really don’t know what to say, cause sometimes, even I don’t know how we managed it for 3 years!


Honestly, we just spoke to each other! A LOT! Whether it was on the phone, or on BBM or on Skype. There were times too where we wouldn’t speak at all due to West Point being lame and giving him a lot of work and sometimes, he would be out on the field for days at a time. But as a girlfriend at the time, I just had to tough it out because that’s the army for you! I knew he was going through a hard time and any small thing could get him into trouble or even worse, kicked out! So instead of getting upset, I waited patiently as that’s all you can really do. My phone was always kept on loud and every message or call from him was the most exciting part of my day. As lame as that may sound, it made me very happy.


Trying to combine our different lives and the time difference was a challenge at first, but we figured it out eventually as the months went by. We got familiar with each other’s daily routine and getting a blackberry saved us a lot of money due to the BBM service where we could text, send voice notes and pictures to each other instantly. I love technology and how fast it advances all the time.


However, long distances do have its downfall! We both missed many special events in each other’s lives such as Birthdays, Easter, Christmas, New Year and I missed West Point events such as Camp Illumination, Yearling Winter Weekend, 100th night, and Graduation!  My husband never celebrated my birthday with me till this year, after we got married, due to him being in training every summer for the past 3 years where he couldn’t call, message or e-mail me! I’m not going to lie, it is sad when you can’t share a joyous occasion with someone you love.


Although it was tough, it did bring us a lot closer, and made us value each other so much more! We spent a lot of money on plane tickets to see each other very vacation or holiday we got, and cherished the little time we had, and never took it for granted! But we did make it through, and for that I am so grateful.  I am happily married to the love of my life, and although it felt like it took forever, we are finally together.