Home cooked meal…Indian style!

 So I come from a traditional Indian family and the one thing we love to do is eat. No matter what occasion it is or even if it’s your everyday dinner, quantity is a must! (We just love to feed you!) And because I do miss home a lot, I went to an Indian grocery store here (I was SHOCKED I found one too, then again we do have the 2nd largest population in the world, so we must be everywhere) and made a curry called Laziz Tikka Masala. Translation: Chicken in a luscious, spicy, creamy tomato curry!  I got this recipe from “How to Cook Indian by Sanjeev Kapoor” a renowned Indian chef whose recipe books I follow ever so carefully.  You can have this with bread or even rice for that matter! It’s easy to make, a bit of a long process as you have to marinate the chicken twice, but definitely worth the time!

 The end result is delicious!

I made it with rice and cumin seeds!

Laziz Tikka Masala from How to Cook Indian by Sanjeev Kapoor